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Anfield Wrap, The
Radio City Talk: Can The Reds Smash The Saints?
22 HRS AGO - The Anfield Wrap on Radio Citytalk this week is all excited about Liverpool returning to action Expand
Free Podcast: Liverpool's Not So Great Expectations
5 DAYS AGO - JOINING Gareth Roberts for a post-international break assessment of Liverpool's season so far and Expand
The Rider: Early Afternoon Frolics
09/11/2017 - No Stephanie! She has been laid low and signed off meaning that Neil Atkinson, John Gibbons and Expand
Radio City Talk: Liverpool To Put The Hammer Down?
03/11/2017 - The Anfield Wrap this week covers a lot of ground. We start talking about Maribor at home. Expand
Radio City Talk: Can Liverpool Tame The Terriers?
27/10/2017 - The Anfield Wrap on Radio Citytalk this week gets into what could well prove to be one of the most Expand
Free Podcast: Rudderless Reds Exposed By Spurs
23/10/2017 - Liverpool abject against Tottenham and The Anfield Wrap is not messing about. It's a performance Expand
TAW Special: The Owen McVeigh Foundation
16/10/2017 - Many Liverpool fans will have heard the name Owen McVeigh, the 11 year-old Liverpool fan who Expand
The Rider - Onion Gravy
12/10/2017 - Wham heavy this week on the Rider, hosted by Neil Atkinson. He's joined by John Gibbons, Stephanie Expand
The Rider - Shout Outs
06/10/2017 - "It's after 9 o'clock and we've all lost our heads." Even by its own standards this week, The Expand
The Rider: Sooty And Sweep
2 DAYS AGO - It's ridiculous they let us do this. The Rider this week is quorate. Stephanie Heneghan is back Expand
Cup Of Tea: Amanda Jacks on Stewarding And British Transport Police
5 DAYS AGO - Gareth Roberts is joined by Amanda Jacks, a caseworker for The Football Supporters' Federation who Expand
Free Podcast: Klopp's New System Get's Bilic The Bullet
06/11/2017 - After a fantastic win against West Hame United, The Anfield Wrap has stock on where the season and Expand
TAW Special: Hillsborough Law
03/11/2017 - The Anfield Wrap this week covers a lot of ground. We start talking about Maribor at home. Expand
The Rider - The Can Can
27/10/2017 - Neil Atkinson hosts The Rider as John Gibbons and Adam Melia work through the new music week and Expand
Radio City Talk: Will Reds Revel In Spurs' Wembley Woes
20/10/2017 - The Anfield Wrap on Citytalk this week is looking back at a 0-7 hammering of Maribor and looking Expand
Free Podcast: Reds Held By Man United But Liverpool Anything But Stale
15/10/2017 - Liverpool 0 Manchester United 0, but not a game where Liverpool can feel either hard done to or Expand
Free Podcast: A Tale Of Two Anniversaries
09/10/2017 - Two current Liverpudlian anniversaries dominate this week's Anfield Wrap. The first is that Sunday Expand
Free Podcast: Rafa Rocks Rotten Reds
02/10/2017 - Another weekend ruined as Liverpool contrive once again to throw away a win with a painfully Expand
TAW Special: Save Grassroots Football
2 DAYS AGO - As Premier League clubs spent a record-breaking £1.4billion in the summer transfer window, at the Expand
Radio City Talk: Triple Booked
7 DAYS AGO - Neil Atkinson hosts a book heavy international break edition of our Radio City Talk show. Joining Expand
The Rider: Content Maniac
06/11/2017 - Stephanie Heneghan puts her medals on the table in this week's belated edition of The Rider. She Expand
Free Podcast: No Old Pals Act As Liverpool Humble Huddersfield
30/10/2017 - A victory for Liverpool against Huddersfield Town that feels mundane and strange in equal measure. Expand
Cup Of Tea: Chief Superintendent Owen West
25/10/2017 - This Cup Of Tea show is fascinating conversation around policing at football matches, how it is Expand
The Rider - Last Big Mow Of The Year
18/10/2017 - The Rider is ever so slightly out of its natural habitat and more than ever so slightly giddy. Expand
Bring On Yer Manchester United
13/10/2017 - [18:05, 10/13/2017] Neil Atkinson: The Anfield Wrap on Citytalk focusses all its energies on Expand
Radio City Talk: Bookends
06/10/2017 - A different Anfield Wrap this week sees Neil Atkinson chat away all over the place. He speaks to Expand




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